Wednesday, 16 January 2019

But It's Not 'Unbelievable', Sadly....

"A group of horses and riders were out on the mudflats. The boxer started chasing them. Eventually the horses stopped because the boxer wasn't giving up and it then started trying to go for the horses. A young girl on her horse then fell off when attacked by the dog. Meanwhile the owner is just walking along the beach, not even running to try and stop his dog.
"It took another guy and one of the other horse riders to eventually get hold of the dog. The owner wouldn't go out to where they were as I don't think he wanted to get his feet wet and just waited for the other guy to bring him his dog. The owner then walked off without even apologising or checking the girl was alright. Unbelievable behaviour."
It's all too common, because there are no consequences for dog owners whose animals do this.

Oh, wait! I just remembered it matters who owns the horses.

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