Saturday, 5 January 2019

Just Hide Out In A Ditch, Love....'s Police Scotland, after all, they'll never find you there:
Larysa Switlyk, 33, 'a world-renowned hunter' from Sarasota, Florida, was accused of 'trophy hunting' wild animals on the island of Islay, Scotland in September after she posed for a series of Instagram photos during the hunt.
Now, Police Scotland have confirmed that the hunter, who regularly posts photos of her hunts alongside her boyfriend Jason, has been reported for firearms offences, along with a 41-year-old man also from the US.
While she was pictured with slain goats, stags and sheep on Islay, hunting animals in season is not illegal in Scotland and she is facing a charge under Section 11a of the Firearms Act, which relates to how you can use borrowed shotguns legally.
One hopes they've boned up on firearms laws since their last debacle...
Ms Switlyk drew intense criticism from politicians and celebrities after posting the photos - although many commenters mocked her for posing so proudly with a sheep.
Police Scotland added that they had received several complaints about hunting in September and the Procurator Fiscal is now investigating.
No, I have no idea why Police Scotland are mocked and derided as little more than hapless lackeys in blue of the offendatrons...
British hunter Jenna Gearing was one of those involved in the trip but said she quit early disgusted by Ms Switlyk's attitude.
'I'm not friends with her [Larysa] any longer and In fact the reason I left that hunt early was because I was so against what she stood for and her morals.
'I'd left the hunting trip before that photo was taken but it is an embarrassment to people that hunt like me and my family, who do it for sustainability, management and to eat wholesome freerange meat that I can source.'
There's always some useful idiot who thinks that they can avoid a clampdown on their sport by throwing someone else under the bus, isn't there? Do they never learn?


Shadeburst said...

Free range meat is usually riddled with parasites.

JuliaM said...

Given the amount of it entering the food chain with little effect, I'll take my chances!