Friday, 11 January 2019

Well, That's Reassuring. Isn't it?

Ash, who is from Brighton but has no fixed address, was just 18 and on drugs when he repeatedly knifed Gerald Edwards outside his home in Strood, near Rochester, Kent.
The 59-year-old had opened his front door to remonstrate with Ash and two other men for smashing his living room window in a completely random act of violence.
Mr Edwards had to have his spleen removed and a partial removal of his pancreas as a result of the wounds he suffered. His liver was also sliced.
Mr Edwards’ teenage son Christopher was also stabbed as he helped his stricken father.
He got 20 years.
Jordan Ash, 19, described by a judge as extremely dangerous, must serve at least two thirds of that custodial term before applying for parole under an extended sentence for public protection.
He will only be released once it is deemed safe to do so by the Parole Board, and will then be subject to an additional three years to any licence period.
I'm reassured. Is everyone else?


Anonymous said...

If the identities of parole board members, who allow still dangerous criminals back on the streets, were made public and liable for ill judged decisions, I'm sure we would all feel more confident of their abilities. Alternatively, parolees could be made to live in close proximity to board members. No doubt, that would concentrate their minds somewhat on their responsibilities.

JuliaM said...

That's a brilliant suggestion!