Wednesday, 9 January 2019

"Don't you worry, it's gonna be alright, 'cause I'm always ready, I won't let you out of my sight..."

Peacehaven resident Joleigh Marchant was watching her son, Ronny Sadler, at a swimming lesson at the David Lloyd club at Brighton Marina when she noticed that he was having problems.
The 27-year-old said: “He had just swam a couple of lengths with his swimming teacher and then he was holding on to the side of the pool.
“He waved to me for a well done and his other hand slipped.”
She was sitting on the poolside, about four feet away, and was quick to react.
We are all 'quick to react' when something's two arm lengths away!
“I ran over but he was too far away to reach, so I jumped into the pool with my daughter still in my arms and dragged him out.”
That's her one year old daughter...
Joleigh added: “Staff watched the CCTV of what happened and when they came back they said that I should not have gone in after him and that the swimming instructor and lifeguard were moving but I got there beforehand.
“But, as a mother, it’s natural to go in after your child if they’re in danger.”
Not carrying one of your other offspring it isn't!

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