Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Empty Words...

Following the hearing, Detective Inspector Joanna Reeves, from Lincolnshire Police's Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: 'We carried out a full and thorough investigation into this collision.
'I know the family were very disappointed there wasn't a criminal prosecution and I hope the inquest has provided them with some answers.'
PC Rich Precious, Family Liaison Officer for Lincolnshire Police added: 'I've worked with Amelia's family since the day of this collision. I've seen at close quarters just how much Amelia was loved and how she is now deeply missed and by so many.
'The strength and patience demonstrated by Amelia's family has been astonishing throughout the different stages of the investigation and more recently at the inquest.
'I can't even begin to imagine their turmoil and how they have felt and coped, but they have been absolutely incredible and are a testament to themselves and to Amelia, showing just how much she was loved by them and by everyone who knew her.'

So despite all that, no charges were brought, because it was a totally unforeseeable freak accident? 

A two-day inquest into her tragic death in March 2018 heard that the vehicle, which was being driven by then 22-year-old Cameron Perkins, from Covenham St Bartholemew, was 'unroadworthy' due to a catalogue of faults



MTG 1 said...

A dangerous vehicle declared to be 'unroadworthy due to a catalogue of faults' kills a young girl as a result of numerous/obvious faults and classic res ipsa negligence. Yet plod were unable to construct a report which would have formed a concrete basis for a prosecution. The coroner rightly identified a 'tragic, needless and entirely preventable' death?

Then we turn to Detective Inspector Joanna Reeves (DI...are you sure?) and her breath-taking audacity to claim her farce had carried out a 'full and thorough investigation'. One of those complex cases overwhelming 'there' intelligence and requiring a level of scrutiny beyond the capacity of the average moron? The Lincolnshire liar went on to add "It's not like a straightforward issue of nicking motorists who speed at 31 mph, is it?"

Explanatory note for Jaded/educatid plod: Res ipsa (loquitur) - 'It speaks for itself'.

Anonymous said...

DI? Dead Ignorant?

Anonymous said...

Well, we know why he got off. It's 'cos 'e's black, innit.

This fucker should be strung up. Let's hope that he goes missing, and is found hanging from a tree. He fucking would if he'd murdered one of mine.


Bucko said...

I can't read the article because of adblocker, but was the accident caused by any of the 'faults'?
There are numerous ways you can fail an MOT that don't compromise the safety of the vehicle, but it would still be classed as unroadworthy
Not sticking up for unroadworthy vehicles here, just wondering if that observation was added to the story because it was relevant to what happened

Stonyground said...

The girl was hit by a flying wheel Bucko. The outer wheel bearing had gone AWOL.

JuliaM said...

"DI? Dead Ignorant?"


"but was the accident caused by any of the 'faults'?"

Yes. Clearly.