Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Musical Interlude - February: "What's to tell about the Bronx? It's uptown and to the right."

Now this is definitely a 'proper' musical.

It's Dickie Attenborough's 1985 interpretation of the classic Broadway show about Broadway. Michael Douglas and Terrence Mann try to recruit the ideal chorus lineup from amongst a motley crew of hopefuls.

The film is packed with sassy and heartbreaking numbers, as we dig further and further into the lives of the wannabes.

But this extraordinary performance by Alyson Reed as Cassie, the director's old flame, that is the standout performance:



Stonyground said...

My daughter loves all that musical theatre stuff. I've seen loads of shows as a consequence and I think I sort of get it. One I liked for its originality was Once.

JuliaM said...

There's precios little originality these days, sadly. Most new ones seem to be 'jukebox musicals' like 'Rock Of Ages'. Sometimes good, but not up to the standards of the classics.