Monday, 15 February 2021

Is Everyone Involved In This Case Retarded?

...Jo Maxwell, defending, asked the judge to impose a drug testing and rehabilitation requirement (DRR) rather than impose a prison sentence.
She said: 'I do not say that lightly, I have taken full instruction and she instills upon me the previous DRR was extremely helpful for her.'

It can't have been, can it, or she wouldn't have would up in the dock for another drug offence... 

Thomason, of Walton, admitted one count of possession of crack cocaine.

Still, hopefully at least the judge isn't an idiot. 

Judge Anil Murray, sentencing Thomason, said: 'If you want to get yourself sent to prison you're going the right way about it.'

Except....well, not so much! 

The judge said he would activate the sentence 'unless it is unjust to do so', adding 'I am persuaded on this occasion it would be unjust.'

What?! To whom..? 

'I am told your engagement has been good, you completed a previous DRR.'

Are you a moron as well, your honour? 

As he passed sentence the judge said: 'If you commit more offences and you find yourself here the judge isn't going to have much choice but to send you to prison.'

Only if she appears before one who isn't as thick as two planks. She's clearly a betting woman. 

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