Thursday, 4 February 2021

Literally Siding With The Criminals...

Hove and Portslade MP Peter Kyle said there have been numerous incidents of spit attacks being reported by The Argus.
He said some cases have included “vicious” incidents against A&E staff at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

And he's disgusted at...wait. What party is he again? 

But the Labour MP, who is also a shadow justice minister, says in many cases it has exposed the lack of support and help given to people with alcohol and drug problems.


"I’m pleased magistrates are acting with tough sentences.
"Yet most perpetrators are reported as alcohol and drug dependent. Early support could have helped them and prevented crime.
Failure to support people with multiple challenges early means more good people suffer later."

Does he realise that most of these people have drained the coffers of 'support and help' and it's done not one whit of good? 

No, probably not. Why would he? 


Anonymous said...

Well, that sort of scum is likely to vote for him - possibly more than once (at the same time).

Stonyground said...

Presumably becoming alcohol or drug dependent is something that just happens to people.

Eric said...

This apparatus appears amply supportive:

JuliaM said...

"Well, that sort of scum is likely to vote for him..."

I doubt it, but it's telling that he might believe it...

"...something that just happens to people."

Spot on!

"This apparatus appears amply supportive"


Wait, for the thugs? Or for Kyle?