Tuesday, 16 February 2021

They Must Wonder Why They Got Out Of Bed....

Jon Harley, prosecuting, said a routine telephone call from domestic violence charity Harbour enabled the victim to escape Russell’s grasp and hide in the bathroom on September 30 last year.

Whew! Saved! 

Mr Harley said two days earlier the defendant threatened his partner with a knife after they argued about his need for drugs.

Wait, what? And...she was still with him? Well, I guess she knows better now, eh, Reader? 

Andrew Turton, in mitigation, said his client knows he needs help to address his anger issues but said his partner was keen to rekindle their relationship.


The court heard how the woman refused to provide a victim impact statement and wanted to get back with her partner once he was released from custody.

Well, at least the courts will deal with him now as he deserves.  

Judge Howard Crowson jailed Russell for a total of 18 months for all three offences. He said: "You have a history of violence and your record suggests much of it directed towards partners and this is just the latest of these."

Wait, 'partners'? He's done it before, to others? What's it going to take for this silly bitch to learn? 

The police and court staff must utterly despair of having to go through the motions with people like these... 


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately no one should be able to judge the actions of a domestic violence victim unless they have been through it.
There is severe low self esteem of the victims in most cases and usually the victims want their partner to gain a moment of clarity and change their ways.
Some people do keep trying at a relationship because they love deeply and it's such an indignity to have a relationship end. The blindness of love usually overtakes common sense Julia.

JuliaM said...

"Unfortunately no one should be able to judge the actions of a domestic violence victim unless they have been through it."

I don't believe 'the blindness of love' can ever override the natural instinct for self-preservation.

Anonymous said...

I agree Julia yet although in some cases people do get killed, the majority of domestic abusers get off on domination and usually are brutal to the point of beating the crap out of someone yet letting them live. They revel in the power.
More to the point though, why is the onus on the victim to stand up for themselves rather than the anger directed at the abuser?