Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Excellent News!

Now remove the Royal Warrant as well.

The RSPCA is set to hand over its role in bringing animal cruelty cases to court so it can focus on 'frontline work' after criticism over its private prosecutions.
The animal welfare charity revealed today it has paved the way for the Crown Prosecution Service to take over the role.
But it added this would only continue as long as 'animals still get the justice they deserve'.
The CPS is an utter basket case, but I suspect it'll still do far, far better than you've managed throughout your reign of terror (and error).
The charity also unveiled its new strategy up to 2030, with one of its aims being to push a more vegan agenda on the public.

Judging from the amount of vegan stuff I see on the remainder counter, you're wasting your time. 

But it's nice to see you openly admitting that the money little old ladies leave you in their wills to save animals is going on overtly-political causes. Hopefully, more of them will decide to leave it to small independent charities instead. 


Fahrenheit211 said...

If I wanted to support an animal charity then the first on my list of 'do not support' would be the RSPCA. I'd rather give to a local smaller animal charity if I was to give to an animal charity.

Anonymous said...

The RSPCA lost all credibility a long time ago, it seems that it's finally coming out as what it really is. Another money making enterprise riding on the back of needy animals, how do they sleep at night?

Mudplugger said...

To Anonymous - how they sleep at night is simple, check out the salaries and benefits of that so-called' charity's' leaders and you'll work out that they will be sleep much cosier and more luxuriously than any of us.
If brass farthings were still currency, I wouldn't waste it on them.

JuliaM said...

"I'd rather give to a local smaller animal charity if I was to give to an animal charity."

I donate goods, rather than money - most of the small local animal charities are delighted to receive food, bedding, etc and have Amazon wishlists so it can be done online.

" do they sleep at night?"

In large, well-appointed houses, I'd imagine, as Mudplugger points out.