Monday, 22 February 2021

Would Anyone Miss Them..?

The BBC has extended its deadline for over-75s to set up a new paid-for television licence after more than 650,000 households did not respond to its letters setting out the change.

Or perhaps, like me, they are trying but failing to penetrate the bureacracy of the TV Licensing Authority? 

...a statement said that 16% of the group had not replied, and that because of the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic the corporation was “giving older people a bit more time to make arrangements for their next licence”.

Ah, yes. Of course it's 'the pandemic', and not 'Shit, if we haul old ladies into court, will people think we're bullies?'.. 

The change was delayed for two months last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. When it was eventually implemented the culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, said he felt “let down” by the BBC and claimed the cost could be covered by “efficiency savings”.
Such as..?
The BBC had estimated the cost of keeping the scheme at £745m by 2021-22 and claimed maintaining funding for over-75 licences would have led to the closure of BBC Four, the BBC News channel, the BBC Scotland channel and Radio 5 live, as well as a “number of local radio stations”.

Since I suspect the audience for these could all fit on a few coaches, why not scrap them? 


Anonymous said...

The BBC can go fund itself.

Umbongo said...

Well the BBC can close down all its pop music stations for a start: the field is more than well-covered by the commercial ones. It could close down its local "news" coverage on TV since, in my experience of the BBC offering in London, it's largely either a repeat of national news squeezed into a "local" corset (cf coverage re Stephen Lawrence) and/or anti-white propaganda. In fact it has no need to report locally at all: the only effect of its present offering is to shut down genuinely local news provision.

It could save a considerable sum by not creating advertising fluff for its own product. It could pay its "stars" less generously etc etc. It could go to a subscription model which would solve the problem in one go.

MrMC said...

BBC: "27 Police Officers injured in mosly peaceful BLM demonstration"

Nuff said

Stonyground said...

I haven't listened to radio, commercial or BBC, since I got spotify.

Anonymous said...

No mention of the world service then? A wonderful sacred cow left over from the days of empire and funded by license payers in UK. The sooner the extravagant, left leaning BBC is forced into the real world and out of my bank account the better.

Scrobs. said...

As stated on several occasions, The Second Law of Scrobs is to listen to anything the BBC spouts and assume the opposite is correct.

The First Law of Scrobs is not to bother listenening to the BBC in the first place.

Lord T said...

I don't quite understand how it costs anything. They provide a *cough* service which is paid for at the point of a gun. They take in what they want. Adding more people to those robbed at gunpoint simply gives them more money to waste. it doesn't reduce anything if they simply leave them excluded.

My mum has said she isn't paying and has ignored all the letters. She knows many of her peers have not. Many have paid already. Let them take me to court. She will be all dumb and bewildered, in tears and making out she doesn't understand. It won't be a good look for the BBC.

MTG 1 said...

It's simple to pick two 'services' that could disappear without anyone noticing changes. Taxpayers' lists must prominently feature the Beeb and Mr Plod.

Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear Melvin. A post about the BBC doesn't stop your constant whinging about the police.
Go and cut your grass and enjoy the good weather whilst counting your public-sector pension paid for by all of us tax-payers.

MTG 1 said...

A lovely day for a spot of Spring gardening and a very good morning to you, WC Jaded. I am so glad to note that your mental health improves with the weather. Why, only a fortnight ago, your mind was in such a dark place that it sought some relief by posting your ardent wish on this blog, to see me dead and to achieve the state through some slow and painful process or disease.

Such a contrast to see your new concern for me and my financial well-being. If it helps your mental state in some small measure, you never contributed to my private pensions.

JuliaM said...

"The BBC can go fund itself."

I see what you did there... 😉

"Well the BBC can close down all its pop music stations for a start..."

But not Radio Two, right? 😰

"No mention of the world service then?"

Strangely, no...

"She will be all dumb and bewildered, in tears and making out she doesn't understand. It won't be a good look for the BBC."

Oh, I suspect that's just what they are dreading!