Wednesday, 24 February 2021

If Only...

Mr Riddle's intervention raises serious questions as to how Mr Rodhouse can continue in his job under NCA director general Dame Lynne Owens, his old boss from Scotland Yard and Surrey Police.
Sure, in a country with the rule of law, who elected top officials on the basis of their competence, not abstract factors like identity group, cronyism or belonging to sinister organisations like Common Purpose. 

But we don't live in such a country, do we?
In his letter to Miss Patel, Sir Richard said the 'apparent condoning of police criminality by its notional watchdog, will inevitably give rise to allegations of political manipulation of the police ... an orchestrated cover-up ... and corruption at the highest level'.

Over to you Priti. You're the one where the buck supposedly stops, aren't you? 


MTG 1 said...

It's rare to encounter a UK Judge with backbone and integrity; someone resolved to see upstanding interpretations of the law. In a case getting airborne by misleading the Judge, it was ever putrescent from top to bottom. The last thing we can now expect is top officers being held accountable. We are fed the usual whitewash report from that utter shambles and waste-of-time, the Independent Oops for Police Conduct.

At the root of this fiasco is the more obvious police stupidity which may have served as a veneer for a hidden political agenda. If there is one 'lesson to be learnt', let it be focused on recruiting far brighter and honest candidates within the police 'service'. Recruits not so easily taken in by lies and malicious rumour, or inclined to act upon them for gain or bent promotion. Citizens under investigation are innocent until proved guilty and this principle has been totally plod-usurped.

To bring an innocent man down without proper evidence, appears to be the vicious forte of Scotland Yard. And as Lady Brittan states "Not a single person in this case has resigned, lost their job, been fired, demoted or disciplined." Quelle surprise, dear! So the Police simply continue with 'there' tried-and-failed system of investigating themselves; a concept that never protected anyone but plod-a-job and let down UK Justice on far too many occasions?

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably, I actually agree with the Huddersfield buffoon on this one. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day Melvin.
These senior officers saw a huge scalp and ignored numerous warnings in the hope they would get publicity and promotion. They whizz up the ranks without ever doing proper policing and cases like these epitomise their lack of detective skills.
A good DC will tell you to believe nothing without evidence, always ask questions and investigate thoroughly.

MTG 1 said...

What hypocrisy and false virtue, WC Jaded!

Bringing innocent folk down without proper evidence, is your very own forte and raison d'être. You have spent a full decade online, viciously discrediting anyone critical of police. You have appeared on many blogs, usually resorting to foul-mouthed rants, hurling abuse in your own version of 'educatid Inglish' or attempting to stigmatise folk with malicious libel. Your main targets are those with the temerity to publish what others merely think of an out-of-control police 'service'. And you are encouraged in an immoral vocation; probably receiving remuneration for such evil, from your corrupt union.

Insofar as your dishonest 'union' is concerned, the home secretary stunned delegates at the 2014 Police Federation conference in Bournemouth, when she criticised them for displaying a huge contempt for the public. In her public statement, Theresa May stated the legitimacy of British policing was in jeopardy following the Stephen Lawrence and other scandals, in her uncompromising speech that also pledged to break the power of the officers' once feared trade union. Most of the thinking public already knew that she was referring to a significant number of plod rather than just 'a few bad apples'.

Anonymous said...

Melvin once again you have fallen for the "Daily Mail" opinion of policing.
Theresa May destroyed the police and it will take years for the damage to be repaired, if ever.
The Police Federation is not a union no matter how many times you repeat this lie. We can't strike and any attempt to get us to do so is a criminal offence.
As for the abuse-I think it's a case of who started it.
And please stop speaking for "most of the public"-you don't.

MTG said...

It would be an utter waste of time to ask WC Jaded for the time of day. Assuming she had acquired the skill to read a watch, the fact that she is a pathological liar makes her a pretty unreliable source for any information.

JuliaM said...

"In a case getting airborne by misleading the Judge, it was ever putrescent from top to bottom."

And sadly, it's not alone.

"...I actually agree with the Huddersfield buffoon on this one. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day Melvin."

This is a case that will, I suspect, prove to be the worst example of police corruption - yes, that, not simply misguided zeal - since the WMP scandal.

"Theresa May destroyed the police..."

You give her far too much credit. She merely dealt the death blow, it was already on its knees, bleeding out.