Wednesday 27 September 2023

Running Out The Clock...

In an email to the campaigner, the police told her that they had dropped their investigation because the 'limitation of proceedings' had expired on September 6. They added: 'I again apologise for the time this case has taken to come to this position.'
That's handy for the police, isn't it? A clever way of ensuring no egg hits their faces. If only they could have foreseen that this would be a non-starter...
Ms Vaughan-Spruce's arrest came weeks after she was found not guilty by Birmingham Magistrates Court for silently praying outside the same clinic in December last year.
Oh. So, knowing this, why would they arrest?
Speaking via charity ADF UK, which has campaigned against buffer zones, Ms Vaughan-Spruce said:'What happened to me signals to others that they too could face arrest, interrogation, investigation, and potential prosecution if caught exercising their basic freedom of thought.'

Ah. Of course. The process is the punishment, isn't it? 

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