Thursday 28 September 2023

Well, If You'd Asked Me What You Had To Do To Get A Jail Sentence In Britain...

...I'd have confidently said 'Crash your car into the PM's residence while holding a stack of child porn'. But amazingly, no:

A child sex offender who rammed his vehicle into the gates of Downing Street in an 'attack on democracy' has been spared a prison term. Seth Kneller, 43, drove his Kia Ceed into the gates of the Prime Minister's residence on May 25 in front of armed police, while terrified bystanders ran away. In a TikTok video posted earlier that day, Kneller blamed politicians for society's ills and said 'someone has to pay'.
So how come he doesn't get banged up?
In mitigation, his barrister Charles Hannaford said his client was suffering from a 'mental health breakdown' at the time of the Downing Street crash. He added: 'This is not an individual who has thought through the consequences of their actions and how they would affect another individual.'
Which makes him even more dangerous surely?
Judge Christopher Hehir said Kneller launched an 'attack on democracy' but was persuaded to spare him prison.
What have you got against democracy, Judge?
The judge said the defendant's lack of previous convictions, early guilty pleas, the fact he has served the equivalent of an eight-month prison sentence, mental health and 'good prospect' of rehabilitation persuaded him to spare the defendant jail.

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