Tuesday 26 September 2023

Errr, Well, Yes...

Khurram Raif, mitigating for Osanzoy, said: “Mr Ozansoy has already spent 340 days in custody.
“He has used his time well in prison, working in the recycling unit for five months and he has taken maths and English courses whilst testing negative for drugs.”
You'd hope so, wouldn't you, since he's not had the opportunity to buy or steal any..?
Natalie Bird, mitigating for Manueno, said: “Mr Manueno had built up a cannabis debt at college and was told to hold drugs and a phone by others higher in the chain.“Mr Manueno is also relied upon to care for his four youngers (sic) siblings and his family has struggled financially during his time in custody.”

Maybe relying on a failed cannabis grow thief for support isn't such a good financial long term plan, then? 

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