Saturday 23 September 2023

Sudiksha Thirumalesh - Remember Her Name...

Because at last, you can know it.

Finally, they can say her name publicly - albeit through a haze of tears. Today, after a gruelling six-month legal battle, the family of the girl known until now as ST - the seriously ill 19-year-old, who so bravely fought NHS doctors in a desperate attempt to receive what her family hoped would be life-preserving treatment - can, at last, reveal her identity, after a judge lifted a draconian court order banning them from doing so.
Her parents, too, can now reveal themselves - her father Thirumalesh Hemachandran and mother Revathi Thirumalesh, both 55. The couple - who migrated to the UK from India in 2000 - ran a local restaurant together until they were forced to give up the family business in 2022, and sub-let it, to look after their daughter full-time. The toll of Sudiksha's death, the loss of their only daughter, is all too apparent - as is their anger at the legal and medical system which they feel was so marshalled against them, effectively preventing them, they say, from fundraising for Sudiksha to receive medical treatment in Canada.

It's a stain on our justice system that they were prevented from taking the chance to get treatment abroad. 

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