Saturday 30 September 2023

The New Hierarchy Of Complaints...

Council lashes out £32k on a pointless 'art installation' on the beach, and taxpayers aren't happy:

Taxpayers had previously criticised the public-funded art installation as being a waste of money that could be better spent of things like fixing potholes.
Abalina Lane said: 'Who paid for this and where was the public consultation? Even if this is from another pot of money surely it could be put to better use.People are homeless and hungry for god's sake.'
Carole Wakeman said: 'What a waste of money when everyone else is cutting back Bournemouth splashes out on non essentials.'
Chris Martin added: 'Another waste of our Council tax for this over priced rubbish. Is not even gonna last for very long. 'Meanwhile many shops having to close due to council over pried rents!'
But nothing happens, until...
The move to dismantle the 15 metre-high mirrored archway follows a complaint by Vanessa Abbess, Joe's mother, who described it as 'disrespectful'. She said in a statement: 'As a family, we were shocked and astounded to see news reports of the disrespectful 'Arts by the Sea' installation at the Bournemouth beach yesterday.'The 'Portal of Hope' was badly located and thoughtless, as it frames the area of sea where our son Joe and Sunnah Khan got into difficulties.
'In addition, it is sited on the area of beach where emergency services cared for all casualties on May 31 and the tragic circumstances unfolded. This is not a suitable area to celebrate the sea or to place a tourist attraction.
'We emailed BCP Council, as owners of the beach, to express our distress and upset yesterday evening. 'We fully appreciate that this project may have been planned for many months, but due to the tragic circumstances and ongoing inquest, we feel this (is) entirely unsuitable and plans could have been easily adjusted in the last 17 weeks.
'Last night, Graham Farrant (council chief executive) confirmed the installation would be immediately shut down/relocated.
'We are grateful that BCP Council have acted so quickly...'

I wonder if everyone else is grateful that their legitimate concerns are discounted in favour of council virtuesignalling? 

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