Thursday 7 September 2023

Once Again, The IQ Is Highest At The Lowest End Of The Lead...

A woman whose dog left a toddler with “heart-wrenching” facial injuries after a nasty attack has overturned a council order to have the animal muzzled.
Teresa Ellinor, from Canterbury, adopted American bulldog Cleo just weeks after it bit the 17-month-old girl in January this year.
Yes, you read that right. 'After'... 

She adopted the thing and now thinks her poochy-woochy was unfairly treated.
Ms Ellinor then received a letter from the city council, imposing a list of strict conditions about keeping the dog, including an order that it must be muzzled in public.
But the prison officer, who claims Cleo was neglected by her previous owner, says the dog is no longer aggressive and the restriction is not needed.
The 57-year-old took her case to Folkestone Magistrates’ Court this week in a bid to have the condition removed.


Concluding proceedings, chair of the bench Janet Wood said: “This is a lifetime order - please be very careful when the dog is around children.”

If she isn't and it does what these things are prone to do, who will be responsible? Janet? The rescue centre who adopted it out? The new owner?  

Well, not the latter, if they are underage, as in this case.

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