Tuesday 28 November 2023

🎵"Feed the birds, tuppence a bag..."🎵

"And that'll be a £100 fine, Mary Poppins, you antisocial nuisance!""
The letter says putting food out for wild birds is 'unreasonable and is having a detrimental effect on neighbouring residents'.

How utterly ridiculous! Hundreds of thousands of people feed birds in their gardens every day!

Mrs Seago, of Staining, near Blackpool – who has lived at her home since it was built in 1982 – enjoys sitting in her conservatory and watching sparrows and robins eat seeds on her bird table.
She lives with her son, retired car salesman Alan, 77, who fears the battle with Fylde Council could put his mother's life at risk. He said: 'The council letter is menacing. This will finish her off. If we get fined, we are prepared to go to court.'

It's a gamble, sure, but even our ghastly excuse for a justice system should find in her favour, given the council's behaviour. 

Residents supportive of Mrs Seago say the council is 'bullying and victimising' her while refusing to investigate counter-complaints against Darren Horne, the neighbour who has complained, for playing loud music and banging his bin lid.

Common sense should have ensured the council investigate both, as if it does come to court, they've established unfairness.  


microdave said...

It's reported that her MP has added his support. I wonder if that'll make the jumped up arseholes in the council reconsider?

JuliaM said...

"I wonder if that'll make the jumped up arseholes in the council reconsider?"

Once, it would. But it seems that just emboldened the council to double-down, according to the 'Mail' 🤬