Saturday 25 November 2023

Clarkson's Law Is Looking A Better Option Every Day...

The owners of an American bulldog who attacked a 17-year-old girl after going berserk at children in a park have been accused of making another dog behave aggressively by chaining it up in the garden for months.
Their dog - weighing eight stone and called George - had to be put down after terrifying locals in the picturesque village of in Thorpe Willoughby, near Selby, North Yorkshire, in May. The teenage girl was bitten in the arms by George, while trying to restrain him from attacking children at a kids' playground.
I don't subscribe to the view 'it's the owners, not the dog' but in most of these cases, it's clear they don't help... 

And nor do rehoming charities:
She lost control of the pet while taking him for a stroll just a day after George was rehomed by the previous owners.

Why would anyone expect a 17 year old girl to be able to restrain a thing that has often overpowered grown men? 

Villagers have been left heartbroken by the dog 'crying through the night' after allegedly being kept chained up in its owner's garden for the last five months. They say they have bombarded the authorities, including the RSPCA, with complaints about the alleged cruelty but nothing has been done.
'It really surprises me with the amount of people complaining about it that the RSPCA is not doing anything.'

It won't surprise anyone familiar with the way the RSPCA operates


The Jannie said...

The RSPCA won't react if you don't offer them a camera team.

Doonhamer said...

I give up.
What is "Clarkson's Law"?

Anonymous said...

Having been a victim of a dog bite (some travellers train their dogs to attack people in Police uniforms), I heard about Jeremy Clarkson complaining about a vicious dog that had attacked his daughter. Whether he really meant it or not, he suggested that any dog which attacks a human, should be put down, immediately followed by it's owner/handler. Supporters of 'Clarkson's Law' have apparently increased over recent years following attacks, especially on children, by out of control dogs. I doubt that it will ever become law, but should concentrate the minds somewhat of those morons with vicious dogs.

JuliaM said...

"The RSPCA won't react if you don't offer them a camera team."

I see nothing but scorn on local Facebook sites about what use the RSPCA are in animal rescue situations...

"I give up.
What is "Clarkson's Law"?"

Well, Penseivat's explained it very nicely!