Thursday 9 November 2023

Not The Sort Of 'Therapy' Anyone Needs...

Another day, another XL Bully on the rampage.
A dog has been shot by armed police after attacking two people in Halifax.
Officers received reports the owner, another person and a second dog had been injured on Stainland Road at about 18:00 GMT on Monday. Attempts to restrain the animal were unsuccessful and it was destroyed by armed officers, police said. The two people were taken to hospital with minor injuries and the other dog was taken to a vet. Police said a woman had been arrested over the incident.

Another female owner of one of these things? 

She has been bailed to appear before Bradford magistrates on Monday 4 December.
And she's getting in her excuses early:


That doesn't sound much like an apology to me, does it to you, Reader?

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