Wednesday 8 November 2023

The Scale Of The Problem, Or Just A Shaggy Dog Story?

More than 550 people have been attacked by dogs in South Devon so far this year, and now a leading Torbay councillor is calling for action before the figures escalate further.

If those figures are extrapolated across other counties, it is indeed something that needs looking at. I'm just not sure he's on the right track, though, despite actual first-hand evidence of the problem.

Earlier this year Liberal Democrat leader Steve Darling (Barton with Watcombe) was injured himself when a Bully XL attacked his guide dog while he was out canvassing in Torquay.

What does he suggest? 

...he said, Torbay Council should consider reinstating the post of dog warden to help cut attacks. The bay does not currently have a dog warden.

More local council jobs? Hmmm. How will that help? Since it turns out that the injuries are - thankfully - almost all minor: 

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust says 556 people sought treatment at minor injury units for dog attacks across South Devon in the year up until Wednesday 20 September.

He's not a fan of BSL. 

In his letter he says that banning the Bully XL breed – a recently-developed American breed which can become aggressive – is not the answer.

Really? A breed so agressive people prefer to jump from a window rather than be mauled by the thing? 

“We cannot and should not keep adding dogs to the banned list – we need a fundamental change to the law on dogs acting dangerously to protect the public now and in the future.”

We had a change to the law. Remember? The police begged for one to the DDA, and it was granted. And did they then act immediately to use those new powers? 

Reader, we know they didn't...

H/T: IanJ via email


Anonymous said...

"We need a fundamental change to the law .....".
Bringing in Clarkson's Law would be a start.

JuliaM said...

"Bringing in Clarkson's Law would be a start."

Quite! I see Wales is in the doggy spotlight yet again...