Thursday 16 November 2023

Chivalry Is Overrated…

A woman wearing a black bandanna, top, coat, and ripped blue denim jeans launched into the shocking 'distressing' tirade on Armistice Day when 300,000 people marched through central London in a pro-Palestine protest.

She did this for two reasons - firstly, as a black person, she feels empowered and emboldened by the two-tier justice system that would take her side against anyone standing up to her, and that's a recent phenomenon. It could be reversed, should we ever get a proper Home Secretary.

And secondly, because she's a woman, ans she knows full well there's an inbuilt restriction against (most) men putting her on her arse, as she richly deserves. And that's not a recent phenomenon. And it's much harder to overcome. 


Stonyground said...

Spanking was acceptable until relatively recently, would that have worked?

JuliaM said...

"Spanking was acceptable..."