Monday 6 November 2023

Rodents Of Unusual Size

A beachgoer was shocked to spot a "giant" rodent washed up on the beach by strong winds during Storm Ciarán. Warning: Graphic images.

It's pretty big, so not sure why the 'Argus' sought to put the word in scare quotes... 

The creature was found dead on Hove beach near Rockwater after heavy rain and strong winds this morning. It is about three foot long and reminiscent of a large rat, but with large yellow teeth like a beaver.

It's not the most invasive species to rock up on beaches this year, though. And I knew what it was likely to be before it was confirmed... 

Professor Fiona Matthews, from the University of Sussex's school of life sciences, confirmed that the creature looks like a coypu, based on its tail and teeth. Brighton and Hove City Council has been approached for comment regarding its disposal.

They are probably still wondering if they have to give it a hotel room. 


Anonymous said...

When I read the heading, I assumed it was about central politicians putting on weight through fine dining (and drinking) at their taxpayer funded, subsidised restaurants. Silly me.

JuliaM said...