Saturday 11 November 2023

I Love A Heartwarming Story...

An Upper East Side café where baristas quit in protest over the Jewish owner's support of Israel is now busier than ever with customers lined up around the block to show their support.
The owner of Caffe Aronne, Aaron Dahan, was left short-staffed Tuesday morning after his baristas quit on him when he addressed the 'Free Palestine' pins they wore to work.

His gaff, his rules, kiddies!Don't like it, find another job.  

'Our staff was young. They think they know everything, liberal, college-educated,' Dahan, who is Jewish, told The New York Post on Tuesday.'They think we're supporting genocide, we're supporting colonialism. They know the keywords but they don't really know what they mean,' he added.

Sadly, Aaron, 'college educated' is likely to have been the issue here, rather than, as you might have considered years ago, a potential help. 

Before they quit, Dahan made an effort to sit down with his baristas and speak with them about their differing views. 'We knew our staff. We knew they were thinking these things. I said, 'Let's go for dinner. Let's sit. Let's ask questions. Let's learn. Let's realize that we're not all here trying to kill each other,' Dahan said.

You can't talk to people like this, you can't explain anything to them. It's been drummed into them that being righteous is a goal all by itself.  


Longrider said...

The reaction from customers was epic, though.

Lord T said...

I do feel sorry for these kids as they don't know any better. The education system has failed them and has not taught them how to discuss and reason things out. They have no experience of dealing with ideas they do not agree with.

So much of our infrastructure needs ripped apart and rebuilt from scratch. This is just one of many.

JuliaM said...

"The reaction from customers was epic, though."

It was! Heartwarming.

"I do feel sorry for these kids as they don't know any better. "

Yes, that's true, but then, we've never had so much information readily available at our fingertips before...