Friday 24 November 2023


Another day, another madman knifing innocent people. What concerns our progressive press, madmen? 

Police and politicians called for calm amid warnings against misinformation as violence escalated from a demonstration that began on Thursday afternoon at the scene of the incident.
A police cordon was set up around the Irish parliament building, Leinster House, and officers from the Garda Mounted Support Unit were in nearby Grafton Street.

They rightly feared that instead of just looting Footlocker, the mob might take it out on those responsible for the policies that allow this kind of incident.  

The Irish justice minister, Helen McEntee, labelled the scenes “intolerable” and said a “thuggish and manipulative element must not be allowed to use an appalling tragedy to wreak havoc”. The garda commissioner, Drew Harris, said a “complete lunatic faction driven by far-right ideology” was behind the disorder.

Because being angry that imported cultures have caused this is 'far right' and the politicians have to spin that line. They could instead simply point to reality: 

A hero Brazilian Deliveroo rider has told how he ended the school attack in Dublin which left two in serious condition after being stabbed by an allegedly 'psychotic' man.

But that would be pointing out some uncomfortable past decisions, wouldn't it?

Bystanders disarmed a man and pinned him to the ground, with several kicking him, one witness, Siobhan Kearney, told RTÉ. “People were trying to attack the man. So me and an American lady formed a ring around him saying we’d wait on the garda.”
Oh, sure. Can't let anything happen to the poor perpetrator, can we?


Anonymous said...

Having read various reports, it seems like some Irish take great delight in emulating their brain dead idols across the pond.
"I am so upset and angry at this attack, that I will riot, set fire to a bus and a Police car, and loot a couple of stores, so that tomorrow, like minded others can admire my stolen trainers and 80 inch tv set." .
SoT, I can imagine shares of Deliveroo will go up, after this.

Boganboy said...

Pity they didn't kick the drongo to death.

JuliaM said...

" seems like some Irish take great delight in emulating their brain dead idols across the pond."

Yes, there's no 'vast right wing uprising' here, just the usual suspects.

"Pity they didn't kick the drongo to death."

And the idiots protecting him richly deserve a good shoeing too...