Wednesday 8 November 2023

'Crime Doesn't Pay' Overturned Again...

Cara James was wanted by police after failing to attend at magistrates courts.
So how did she elude them? A cunning hiding place? Well...
In September last year police were alerted to her presence in HMP Hindley visiting her then partner.

And not just for a chat, either: 

Bolton Crown Court heard she was arrested and made a confession that she had drugs on her. Verity Quaite, prosecuting, said: “She disclosed that she had something in her bra.
“She was conveyed to the Wigan custody suite and strip searched.
“They found a small cellophane wrap on her bra.
“There were 14 sheets of A4 writing paper. “It was analysed and shown to be laced with a class B drug commonly known as spice.
“The value in prison is five times higher. “It was £100 per sheet so a total of £1,400.”

Well, bang to rights, surely? 

Recorder Philip Grundy said he had never not sent someone to prison for this offence.

Ha ha ha ha! There's always a first time, eh, Phil? 

But he said: “When I came into court today there was nothing that could have saved you from being locked up.
Your counsel has persuaded me to step back from locking you up today.”
He suspended a sentence of eight months for two years, ordered James to do a 12 month long alcohol treatment requirement and attend at 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

What a farce. 


Nemisis said...

Lancashire plod (who are known for their incompetence) called FOURTEEN pages of A4 "a small cellophane wrap”. If this was hidden in her bra, I wondered what size the bra was. However, looking at her photo it was neither “Small” nor “Katie”

JuliaM said...

"Lancashire plod (who are known for their incompetence) called FOURTEEN pages of A4 "a small cellophane wrap”."

I've tried to fold up sheets of A4 before. Not that I'm boasting or anything, but there's definitely no room in MY bra to conceal that!