Monday 29 June 2009

I Think He Should Sit In His Own Chair...

...and then we should plug it in:
Britain's most controversial police chief is under fire again for spending police funds on a bardic chair for a poetry prize.

The prestigious chair for this year's Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales cost £3,450 with another £750 given as prize money for the winning poet at the festival, being held at Bala in August.
The public aren't amused:
Mr Roberts, who is Welsh-speaking, added : 'As a Welshman I fail to see why there should be a police involvement with a wooden bardic chair, even if the chief is a bard of the Eisteddfod.

'If he really wants to leave his mark on the Welsh language before he finishes in his job then the money could come out of his own pocket.

'Police should be fighting crime, not getting involved with chairs.
At least, in Bournemouth, the public can be satisfied at the sight of their police cracking down on crime...


Anonymous said...

There's plenty more where Brunstrom came from believe you and me. Brunstrom is a very extreme example though. Something must be done about ACPO and the identification of future ACPO rank officers and their ultimate selection. It has been getting worse since the early 1980's with almost all ACPO being left wing university graduates or (since the mid-1990s) people who are specially qualified by virtue of their race, gender and/or sexuality. BONKERS!

JuliaM said...

"Something must be done about ACPO and the identification of future ACPO rank officers.."

Agreed. Looks like no-one wants to bite that particular bullet, though...

Anonymous said...

"Seafront development officer"


I call this as a nomination for "non-job of the month".

And people still wonder what could be cut?