Thursday 25 June 2009

Telling Us Something We Already Know. And Charging Us For It Into The Bargain...

Three quarters of the population believe the police have failed to get to grips with anti-social behaviour and drink-fuelled violence, a damning Whitehall survey showed yesterday.

It found police forces and other public services are said to neither listen to what people say about crime and rowdiness nor do anything to stop it.
They needed a survey for this? Couldn’t they just read a few blogs, or the ‘letters’ pages of some newspapers?
The poll of more than half a million adults also suggested that councils are out of touch, unpopular, and take too much of residents' money.
Heh! It’ll be interesting to see what they propose to do about this…
The findings appear to reflect deep disillusion with years of promises that initiatives such as ASBOs and greater efforts by the police and the justice system would make streets safer.

They suggest the great majority do not believe everyday crime has been successfully tackled.

They also point to public disaffection through the impact of high council tax and a widespread view that town halls are arrogant and incompetent.
Seriously, fellas, didn’t the election results tell you this?
The findings drew a rebuke for councils from Local Government Secretary John Denham, who said: 'The improvements we have seen in local services are not being reflected in people's perception of their council.
Hmmm, or in other words: ‘How the hell can we convince the rubes that things have never been better?’

And the local councils’ response? Pretty much sticking their fingers in their ears and saying ‘La la la la we’re not listening’…:
The Local Government Association, the umbrella body for councils, said: 'This survey shows that the vast majority of residents are happy with services which their councils provide.'

Were they reading the same survey I just was?


Anonymous said...

Wiltshire Police host a 'party' for the travelling comoonitee at taxpayers expense!

Kent Police staging a competition for schoolchildren about homosexuality!

Met Police flying Gay Police Association flag against force regulations when it is Transgender Week or National gay Day.

Uniformed Officers being encouraged to march in various gay pride marches -in their uniforms - and again at taxpayer expense.

Abstractions from duty for a never ending round of diversity awareness course and workshops.

Removing local access (and losing important local knowledge) to police by closing policing stations, restricting opening hours and developing call centre style control rooms.

I could go ON and ON anad ON.....

North Northwester said...

You know what? It would do the police good if one or two serving officers were to publish their impressions and beliefs about the Job and its failings and the weaknesses of its structures and routines, just so the higher-ups could get a copper's eye view of where the police force is falling short.

That'd do the trick.

Oh, wait...

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

It is a shame when criticism falls so generally to reflect badly upon the better public services. Refuse collection, Libraries and Museums are examples of what remain excellent services in W Yorks.

Others are virtually useless and police are by far, our worst money pit case. Our police have evolved into a purely self serving organisation whilst managing to place themselves above the law. Tabloids and individuals daring to raise criticism, have been pilloried for suggestions or hints of ineffectiveness or corruption. In spite of dissatisfaction expressed through polls, if the majority still regard police as a public service, I doubt the present state of affairs has been fully grasped.

JuliaM said...

"I could go ON and ON anad ON..."

It's certainly a target-rich environment lately, isn't it?

"In spite of dissatisfaction expressed through polls, if the majority still regard police as a public service, I doubt the present state of affairs has been fully grasped."

I think they are starting to sit up and take notice, slowly.