Friday 12 June 2009

“Suck your recording.”

Oh, I hope you three are going away for a long, long time, where you'll be forced by bigger, tougher animals to suck something altogether different:
The recordings, made as they travelled to Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court and then an identity parade, give a rare insight into the mindset of three young men involved in street drug crime, immersed in American rap music and believing that the slightest loss of face should provoke revenge of the utmost severity.

In one tape the men can be heard gloating about how little evidence the police had. In another, sometimes laughing and joking, they compared notes about the investigation after talking to their lawyers.
And were they, as everyone predicted, well known to the authorities? Well, of course:
Kika was on the run from police over another stabbing 10 days earlier at the time of the killing, it can now be reported.
I'm not sure 'on the run' is the right term, since it didn't exactly seem as though he was hiding in a spider hole somewhere, a la Saddam Hussein. In fact, it seemed more as though he was running free simply because no-one was looking that hard for him...
Meanwhile Alleyne, who had smoked six joints of cannabis earlier in the day, was under supervision after being released three months earlier half way through a drugs sentence.
So, that went well then...
It emerged after the verdicts that Alleyne was originally placed under a curfew and electronically tagged after his release from custody but this had expired weeks before the murder.

Islington Council said that a case review had been conducted but refused to disclose whether it found that any mistakes had been made.
It's Islington. So, what are the odds...?
...detectives investigating the case were also taken aback at how a “stupid” argument in a pub had spiralled so quickly to the murder of an innocent teenager.

”It's all about respect,” said Detective Chief Inspector John Macdonald, who led the investigation.

”Young people get desperate about being 'disrespected' and have to take some kind of retribution, that is what this is about.
Sorry, Chief Inspector, but no. It's not about 'respect'. And accepting the thug's reasons at face value and parroting them for the media without question gives them a legitimacy they don't deserve.

This is about a breakdown in law and order, and the failings of the justice system, which allows animals in human form to roam the streets instead of being dealt with as they deserve...


Oatcake said...

Very sad reading.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is there are hundreds of youths like this trio out there and have been for many, many years. That more murders like this don't happen is because of...I don't know...LUCK? To be fair to the chief inspector, I did hear him speaking outside the court where he qualifie his comments on 'respeck' by saying that the three were typical of a certain grouping (nudge, nudge) who had very little social skills, let alone verbal skills, were poorly educated and -well-basically-thick and who lashed out at the slightest provocation. All their fault of cause, aided and abetted by 'the system' which provides young people with excuse after excuse. he added that he didn't understand it. I will be interested to see what sentences these DNA wasters will get - something the father made a plea for in his comments ouitside the court. I have a feeling that he and the rest of the family will be disappointed BUT somehow they won't be surprised.

The other story that got me this morning was the srthritis sufferer who dropped a ten pound note (by mistake obviously) and was promptly issued with a fixed penalty ticket by POLICE OFFICERS. For some bizarre reason the police force concerned won't rescind the ticket, nor will they scak the dolts involved.

You have police officers dealing with murderous scum at one end and idiots issuing tickets like ESN robots - it really doesn't bode well for the future and once again, as a former police officer, I despair. Littlejohn has a pop this morning - you really CAN'T make it up anymore.

North Northwester said...

This is a failure or absence of authority all the way down the line. Parents who don't: especially fathers who aren't, and teachers who can't and police who might and judges who let them go free...
We pay the taxes, obey the laws, look with respect on the uniforms, titles, ranks, silly-looking wigs and robes - we do the lot for the authorities, and still this kid is dead, murdered by the flower of England's youth.

At least the truly evil in society can't get away without recycling properly or face a swift and merciless fine.

Sue said...

We only have one answer left and that's to bring back the death sentence in these types of mindless murders. They haven't been sentenced yet but I can bet you they'll be out in less 15 years!

It's not justice and it's not a deterrent.

Rob said...

Dalrymple has written well about the fragile egos of youths like these, lashing out at the merest slight, even though they have done nothing in their entire lives which merited respect at all.

It isn't 'respect' they want, it is fear.

On a different note, you can now add Direct Debits to the list of things forbidden to devout muslims:

Shahid Malik:

"he knew the manager of the property company was a "strictly practising Muslim" who as a "matter of religious observance or a cultural norm" would have preferred to deal in cash."

No doubt the Guardian will be all over this, saying how paying someone in cash is pure tax avoidance.

Rob said...

Those two coppers in Scotland are complete wankers. They should be fired.

We now have a police force which is willing to police to the very letter of certain laws, and often a paragraph beyond, yet couldn't give a fuck if your house is burgled or youths are making your neighbours' lives a misery.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Angry Exile said...

It's not justice and it's not a deterrent - Sue

Nor is the death penalty, otherwise the USA would be among the most law abiding nations on earth. The best that can be said for it is that the record of re-offending by executed criminals is zero, but as a deterrent it's always been far weaker than normal law-abiding folk imagine. On top of that the UK has an approximately 1/3 unelected cabinet, answerable to... well, pretty much nobody apart from Brooninator, and he in turn has got the unelected Lord Mandelsnake of Fehfehfehfehfehfeh pulling his strings. The idea of giving that cunt or his stuttering puppet the power of life and death over British citizens, even after whatever passes for due process in Air Strip One these days, would be very worrying.

Oldrightie said...

I'm going to have to shout.


JuliaM said...

"The trouble is there are hundreds of youths like this trio out there..."

Oh, I don't doubt that.

"I have a feeling that he and the rest of the family will be disappointed BUT somehow they won't be surprised."

They got life.

Oh, sorry, that's 'life'. Otherwise known as a minimum of 19 years...

"..the srthritis sufferer who dropped a ten pound note (by mistake obviously).."

Yes, I saw that. There seems to be a bit of 'he said, they said' involved, but for heaven's sake, even if he DID pick up the money but leave the papers, is it worth it? Don't they realise they are nailing the coffin even tighter on themselves...?

JuliaM said...

"Parents who don't: especially fathers who aren't, and teachers who can't and police who might and judges who let them go free..."

Excellent summation...

"No doubt the Guardian will be all over this, saying how paying someone in cash is pure tax avoidance."

I'll check!

Nope. Odd, that... ;)

"I'm going to have to shout."

Oh, I know that feeling...

Roue le Jour said...

It's a deliberate policy to make the punters afraid of the criminals and the police. Clever, isn't it?