Friday 19 June 2009

Remember, They Are Valued Professionals...

A fantasist who hired a hitman to kill her former husband was employed as a senior social worker in charge of vulnerable children after a council failed to properly check her criminal record.
Words fail me...
At the time of her conviction Barnes was a social worker in the child care department of Avon County Council.

She tried to take her employer to a tribunal for unfair dismissal, but the case was dismissed.
Now, that's chutzpah!
Despite her conviction and sacking, Barnes was given a job at Bath and North East Somerset Council in September 2005 as an assistant team manager and became a team manager a year later.

But details of her past emerged during a child protection case at Bath county court last June where she allegedly lied on oath and asked another social worker to do the same.

Judge Paul Barclay said he was "appalled" and carried out his own investigation into Mrs Barnes' past.
Well, at least we've found a judge who is on the ball...
Judge Barclay's report into the case was made public after Mrs Barnes failed in a Court of Appeal application to prevent her being identified.
Wonder if it was Judge Eady again?

Nah, he'd probably have allowed her appeal...
Bath and North East Somerset admitted it was a mistake to employ Barnes but said no children under Barnes' protection had been unfairly removed from their families.

"We have looked again at our systems and found that they are correct but need more rigorous enforcement," a spokesman said.
Ya think..?!?

North Northwester has a piece on this too.


Ross said...

"She tried to take her employer to a tribunal for unfair dismissal, but the case was dismissed. ".

And several days later the judge's body was found riddled with bullets.

North Northwester said...


Had to happen sometime.
I guess it proves the existence of the huge, Right-wing conspiracy though, huh?

And Ross, in your dreams!