Saturday 13 June 2009

Put These People In Charge Of The Treasury!

University used to be the place where teenagers finally learned to look after themselves.

But now overprotective parents are sending them to camps to teach them even the most basic of life skills before they go.

They are paying for intensive residential courses where their teenagers are taught everything from what boiling water looks like to how to put on a duvet cover.
And this costs how much...?
Cordon bleu chefs from some of the country's finest cookery schools also give classes on how a potato peeler works and how to turn on a grill.

The organisers insist that today's 'convenience society' means mothers no longer have the time to pass on their knowledge to their children.

The Surrey Hills Cookery School in Leatherhead, Surrey, has been overwhelmed with demand for its two-day course called 'How to survive uni without mum', which costs £175.
Excellent! Who said a fool and his money are soon parted...?


Sue said...

Err.. isn't this a parents job? I taught my daughters all this as they were growing up! They couldn't possibly expect me to run around after them when I was working full time...

JuliaM said...

You'd think so. But I'm beginning to wonder if maybe the parents can't do these things either!

Angry Exile said...

Christ alive, that's gold. I'm starting one up. JuliaM, Sue, keep shtum and I'll cut you in 25% each. I confidently predict profits of several dollars by the end of the first year.... hmmm, maybe this isn't the right market.

Rob said...

Best educated generation in history doesn't know what boiling water looks like? Hmm.

Robert S. McNamara said...

I'd be wiling to teach them what boiling water looks like. For free. And I'll even sit by their hospital beds and tell them how to assemble a duvet as they're having their dressings changed.

The worst thing about this national decline for me is its drawn out nature. Can't we just adopt the status of Third World basketcase right away and be done with it?

Nick M said...

What boiling water looks like?

I'm assuming (hoping) they ain't doing science degrees.

Otherwise we really is finished.

Vetnurse said...

Starving will soon teach them and if they end up in a "slum" rats will soon show them how to clean up.
Still good on whoever dreamed up the scam to get money out of the idiots who won't use what they have learnt anyhow.