Friday 5 June 2009

The MSM Is Not An Arbitration Service...

Is it just me, or is there really nothing to this story?
A boy of ten was charged full price for a buffet after he was measured by restaurant staff who said he was too tall to qualify for the children's menu.
Yes. And....? It's their right, after all, to set whatever rules they like.
His father Gareth Gardner, 36, said: 'They measured the kids when we were not there. I would have preferred it if they measured them before we went in for the meal.
Why? Would he have gotten mysteriously shorter if you’d been present?

And it’s not like this wasn’t on display:
However restaurant bosses stood by their policy and say there are posters on the window and at the front of the restaurant explaining the rule.

But Mr Gardner claimed: 'On Saturday there was a sign on the counter which warned customers about the height rule but it wasn't there the night before.
So he felt the only thing to do was go to the papers and whine about it, no doubt in the hopes of embarrassing the restaurant into backing down…

Sums up modern Britain nicely, doesn’t it?

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Angry Exile said...

100% agreed. Nothing to see here but a whining twat, and Britain's not short of 'em. Move along, move along.