Friday 27 November 2009

"Do We Call Rentokil, Boss, Or UB40?"

"I`m gonna fix that rat thats what I`m gonna do,
I`m gonna fix that rat"
Staff at the outlet in Newquay, Cornwall, chased after the rat with a broom and a cardboard box as shocked diners looked on.
And it wasn't even a good-looking rat, much to the disgust of one customer:
She said: 'The rat was about a foot long, it looked really mangey and had lost most of its hair.'
I guess its diet didn't agree with it..?
Miss Marston said that there were families and children in the restaurant.

It was a rat, not a Bengal tiger!
'It wasn't a small rat - it was a full grown adult rat. It makes me heave thinking about it.'
Oh, indeed. Everyone knows the small rats are perfectly fine and OK to have in a fast food shop, but the big ones? They're the real problem..


Edwin Greenwood said...

It doesn't look particularly impressive to me. I recall meeting a truly humongous rat in a side street in Greenwich, the sort of beast that could have taken on several of the local cats at once. I bade it Good Afternoon and we went our separate ways in peace.

Anyway, if the KFC rodent is caught and dispatched according to correct halal procedure, I am sure it will make a distinct improvement to the menu.

Ross said...

Rats are good, they scare the mice away after all.

Pavlov's Cat said...

It makes me heave thinking about it.'

Exactly what the thought of eating KFC does to me

Dave H said...

Several people have commented on how sick the rat looked. The result of an healthy diet, perhaps?

(BTW I like KFC. And I look rather sick too.)

Mr Eugenides said...

Is not rat. Is Siberian hamster. Filigree!

JuliaM said...

"Is not rat. Is Siberian hamster. Filigree!"

Heh! It's a wonder KFC didn't try that one...

staybryte said...

"That, Manuel, is a rat. Do you have rats in KFC or did the Colonel have them all shot?"