Friday, 27 November 2009

"Do We Call Rentokil, Boss, Or UB40?"

"I`m gonna fix that rat thats what I`m gonna do,
I`m gonna fix that rat"
Staff at the outlet in Newquay, Cornwall, chased after the rat with a broom and a cardboard box as shocked diners looked on.
And it wasn't even a good-looking rat, much to the disgust of one customer:
She said: 'The rat was about a foot long, it looked really mangey and had lost most of its hair.'
I guess its diet didn't agree with it..?
Miss Marston said that there were families and children in the restaurant.

It was a rat, not a Bengal tiger!
'It wasn't a small rat - it was a full grown adult rat. It makes me heave thinking about it.'
Oh, indeed. Everyone knows the small rats are perfectly fine and OK to have in a fast food shop, but the big ones? They're the real problem..


Edwin Greenwood said...

It doesn't look particularly impressive to me. I recall meeting a truly humongous rat in a side street in Greenwich, the sort of beast that could have taken on several of the local cats at once. I bade it Good Afternoon and we went our separate ways in peace.

Anyway, if the KFC rodent is caught and dispatched according to correct halal procedure, I am sure it will make a distinct improvement to the menu.

Pavlov's Cat said...

It makes me heave thinking about it.'

Exactly what the thought of eating KFC does to me

Dave H said...

Several people have commented on how sick the rat looked. The result of an healthy diet, perhaps?

(BTW I like KFC. And I look rather sick too.)

Mr Eugenides said...

Is not rat. Is Siberian hamster. Filigree!

JuliaM said...

"Is not rat. Is Siberian hamster. Filigree!"

Heh! It's a wonder KFC didn't try that one...

staybryte said...

"That, Manuel, is a rat. Do you have rats in KFC or did the Colonel have them all shot?"