Saturday 14 November 2009

Turning Japanese Conservative...

...over at 'Harry's Place', where last week saw a forthright condemnation of the Somali pirates from Brett, and a bemoaning of the behaviour of the underclass from Your View.

Welcome to the fold, chaps! :)

Don't think a single column on how happy you all were to think that Margaret Thatcher had died will turn the tide. All your political base are belong to us! Mwahahaha!


TDK said...

I don't agree.

First of all the left regards phenomena like underclass as a means to an end. Listen to "Your View":

The residents seem to have no interest in supporting the cultural benefits of the museum

This is the elite telling the local inhabitants that they need a museum. That they will benefit culturally. "We" the elite, in our magnificence have given you a museum and you're ungrateful.

I dispute the idea that this departs in any way from standard left analysis.

Second, if a right winger had made "Your Views" comments the first left winger would have complained about gross generalisations. For example, I'm an outsider, yet I know full well that the residents will be a varied bunch. Some will be happy to have a museum whilst others couldn't give a fuck. Ask yourself which group kicked in the door? 10-1 it was the second group. Which group is likely to be on the residents committee? Which group is likely to have encouraged the museum to change its design?

The left talks about groups as if they were amorphous masses. We are of the right: WE UNDERSTAND that the principal victims of the feckless underclass are the people who live in close proximity to them.

Third, "Your View" has a dilemma. Here we have an inner city area which enjoys a vaguely progressive administration. It is being challenged by people who don't quite see the perfection of this bunch of philosopher kings. Leftists are instinctively statist and so in this instance "Your View" sides with the state.

Finally let me highlight the Freudian slip of Councillor Allan:

Councillor Allan said: “It would be nice if Fetra concentrated on helping to identify the victims, rather than attacking the council.”

Methinks he meant the perpetrators: "Criminal", "Victim" - so easy to get those things mixed up!

JuliaM said...

To be fair, it wasn't an entirely serious post... ;)

"Methinks he meant the perpetrators: "Criminal", "Victim" - so easy to get those things mixed up!"

Oh, indeed! A totally interchangeable group to most of the left, and the definition seems to depend on which group is currently sqaubbling with which group...