Saturday 14 November 2009

Wrong Target, I Think...

Screaming headlines in the 'Mail':

The IPCC 'looking into this':
Last night the Independent Police Complaints Commission started an inquiry to see if Leicestershire police could have done more to have prevented the stabbing.
Conclusions drawn:
The IPCC is already investigating the force's response to calls for assistance made by Fiona Pilkington, who died with her disabled daughter in Barwell in October 2007.
But hold up a sec. Did the police do their job?

Yes. They arrested him, and objected to bail.
Sainsbury, who is believed to have moved to a flat he owned in Hinckley after the split, was released on bail by magistrates' chairman Miss Jill Bishop despite prosecution objections.
Yesterday Nick Watson, clerk to Leicestershire magistrates, said Sainsbury was bailed because magistrates could 'not find any substantial grounds that he would re-offend, fail to surrender to bail or interfere with his former partner or any other prosecution witness'.
So, is anyone starting an inquiry into their decision?

If not, why not? They will no doubt whine that they aren't psychic.

And if we accept that, why do we expect the police to be?


Anonymous said...

IPCC 'waste of space' is unworthy of mention through perpetual irrelevance.

And you appear to be unfamiliar with the mainstay principle of UK Justice, where:-

"The number of arsehole magistrates must be in precise equilibrium with the number of police arseholes".

JuliaM said...

It does sometimes seem that way, I'm sure.

But in this instance, the police seem to have done everything in their power, only to be thwarted by another arm of the 'justice' system.

Anonymous said...

and yet it continues, I suppose the authorities HAVE TO do this - but WHY?