Thursday 26 November 2009

Oh, Do Make Up Your Minds!

From this morning's 'Telegraph':

Is it? I thought it was domestic violence. Well, that was the headline yesterday, anyway.

And 'women'? What, all of them?

No, of course not:
The new cross-Government strategy aimed at tackling violence against women will only be effective if issues that most affect ethnic minority women are properly addressed.
Ah, I see. Each little faction in the Victimhood Poker hand is now fighting for its share of the cake...
The End Violence Against Women Coalition, which includes Amnesty International, said only one in ten local authorities have specialist services designed to deal with the forms of violence that affect ethnic groups.

Holly Dustin, manager of the coalition, said: "I think the response from statutory agencies can be very poor for all women but there can be a particular lack of understanding for ethnic minorities."

On lessons for children, she added: "We would expect that all forms of violence against women, including forced marriages and such, would be dealt with in an age appropriate way for children at primary and secondary school for the strategy to be effective."

Professor Liz Kelly, chair of the EVAW, said: "We know that women still face a postcode lottery when seeking support and much funding for existing services, such as rape crisis centres, refuges and services for ethnic minority women, is increasingly fragile.

"Women across the country will be dismayed if the strategy does not include a coherent plan for secure and sustainable funding for vital front line women's services."

Heather Harvey, campaign manager for Amnesty International UK Stop Violence Against Women campaign, added: “The real test will be whether the government can end postcode lotteries over services and create new, joined-up thinking over combating violence against women.

“This means understanding particular needs in particular communities."
Well, women may be downtrodden, abused creatures all across the land, but you can't help but look at that extract and see one glaring fact, can you?

Some women are making out like bandits!


Nick39 said...

Where's the Stop Violence Against Men funding, and battered husbands centres?

NickM said...

Has anybody actually thought of a genuine postcode lottery. Send in your postcode and win a million!

Noel Edmonds could present.

Word Verification: prone.

TDK said...

I see.

Taylor everything to particular communities and make everything the same. At the same time.

Joined up thinking.

I didn't get enough cuddles from mother said...


My pleasure,

Sue said...

We didn't even know what an honour based killing was 5 years ago!

Why should we have to deal with it? If our government had wanted to protect these women, it shouldn't have encouraged Sharia and Islam to take such a dominant role in our Christian Country.

Now they have nowhere to escape to and it's a political/cultural Islamic atrocity, not one associated with us at all!

Immams and such should be dealing with this, this has nothing to do with British People or their culture.

Quite honestly, I'm not interested and I certainly don't want my grandchildren learning about these barbarian cultures and the disgusting way they treat women!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Oh G-d, it just never stops.

Firstly, as we well know, under the arcane rules of Victimhood Poker, violence against white women is taken more seriously than violence against non-whites, for the perverse reason that white men rank lower than non-white men, ergo white violence is sexist but non-white violence is their culture, innit.

Secondly, the list of supports on the EVAW site reads like a Who's Who of quangista and fakecharities:

(apologies for lengthy list, but it seemed churlish to omit any of them)
Frank Mullane, Bristol Feminist Network, Nia Project, Sophie Cameron, Agency for Culture and Change Management, Amnesty International UK, Patrick Slowe, National Council for Voluntary Youth Services, Refugee Council, BAWSO, Central Scotland Racial Equality Council, YWCA, Delyth Davies, Eaves Housing for Women, Eva Project, Scottish Women Against Pornography, Fawcett Society, Charlotte Dunlavey, Lianne Tweddall, FORWARD, Greater London Domestic Violence Project, Verona Marshall, Celine Guiseppi, Ben Campbell, The Havens, Jan Goodyear, Marian Baker, Holly Sutton, Oasis Domestic Abuse Service, Catherine Foxwell, Open Clasp, Deborah Micheletti, James Molony, Imkaan, Jeremy Croft, Liliith Project, Karen Morland, Midlothian Women's Aid, London Centre for Personal Safety, London Feminist Network, Sue Moss, Clare Taylor, Mary Honeyball MEP, National Federation of Women's Institute, Victoria Browne, Newham Asian Women's Project, Juliet Hanlon, Ngozi Atakulu, Dave Clayton, Juliet Hanlon, Object, POPPY, Rape Crisis England and Wales, Refuge, Joanna White, Sarah Stoddart, Refugee Women's Resource Project at Asylum Aid Respect, Roehampton University, Scottish Women's Aid, Soroptomist International UKPAC, Ben Dustin, South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Centre, Southall Black Sisters, Caroline Kelly, SWELL, Centre for Safety and Well Being, Jessica East, University of Warwick, Toni Yam, TUC, UK Joint Committee on Women, Rob Burley, Womankind Worldwide, Lwam Tesfay, Welsh Women's Aid, Michelle Robson, Women's Aid Federation England, Women's Aid Northern Ireland, Women's Design Service, Ellie Anderson, Women's National Commission, Women's Resource Centre, Women's Resource Development Agency, Wales Women's Voice, Zero Tolerance
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JuliaM said...

"Joined up thinking."

It appears to be neither joined up, nor thinking as we know it...

"If our government had wanted to protect these women, it shouldn't have encouraged Sharia and Islam to take such a dominant role in our Christian Country."

Indeed. And it's not something they've stopped doing, either...

"Secondly, the list of supports on the EVAW site reads like a Who's Who of quangista and fakecharities"

The same names seem to crop up over and over again in these campaigns, don't they?

von Spreuth said...

I find it strange that this is also being discussed here. This kind of thing has happened a few times.

Are we to assume that this "campaign" is E.U lead? And if so, why do they not just say so, instead of hiding the fact?

WHY are they hiding the fact anyway?