Saturday 21 November 2009

Meet The New Tories...

...not quite the same as the old Tories:
A councillor has been suspended from the Conservative Party after sending emails ranting that prospective parliamentary candidates do not have “normal" English names.
And if that was the sum of it, it'd just be another excuse for the hard-of-thinking to drag out their 'racist' banners and swamp all forums.

Oh, what am I saying? They will anyway.

They certainly won't wonder why selected prospective Tory candidates are this bone-ignorant:
“The candidates department are simply rushing these names through.

“They have absolutely no idea about how Associations are organised and have ZERO experience of political campaigning.

“Their emails are PATHETIC.”
Well, they sound like ideal candidates, don't they? I wonder why they were picked?
Less than 40 minutes later a second email to John Esler and other Bromley councillors criticised the prospective candidates for asking him questions about how to plan a speech, tips on canvassing and what to do if they can’t answer a question.

Cllr Hobbins also says in the email that prospective candidates have asked him where Orpington is and how to get there.
Say what...?

They can use email to send these questions, but they can't find the TfL page or GoogleMaps?

Now, I've never harboured any desire to run for election, but if I did, I hope I wouldn't be dumb enough to admit to a councillor for my prospective party that I didn't know where the place I was standing for was, not how to get there.

I wonder, just why are these names being rushed through?


North Northwester said...

Hmm. Typical gluteus maximus/mid-arm ginglymus discrimination issue from the Tory Party here.

I'm very, very embarrassed for them.
Must stop now. Nice carpet awaits to absorb my sobs of bitter laughter.

JuliaM said...

"I'm very, very embarrassed for them."

And disappointed. Don't forget disappointed...

North Northwester said...

And gloating: please don't forget gloating...

banned said...

It's Dave being all Diverse again isn't it ?