Sunday 15 November 2009

Bloglink Updates

Time for some additions to the bloglinks:

Under 'Resources', we have the new initiative, 'Albion Alliance', as seen at 'They're Joking, Aren't They?'. One to watch.

Also likely to prove useful is 'Where Does My Money Go', courtesy of Sharpe's Opinion.

Speaking of which, joining 'UK/EU Blogs I Read Each Day', is the aforementioned 'Sharpe's Opinion', plus 'Muffled Vociferation', 'Man Widdicombe' and 'Hundreds And Thousands...', all of which I've found myself reading regularly lately.

Under 'Political Blogs I Read Every Day', please welcome Charlotte Gore's blog.


dickiebo said...

Don't you find - as I do - that we hardly have enough time to read every blog that we wish to read, as well as writing one?
Keep up the good word!

Anonymous said...

That's very kind, thank you!

I'll add you to my own blogroll.

Stu said...

Many thanks :)

I don't have a blogroll to add you to - although rest assured that if I did you would definitely be on it!

Actually, I probably should put together some kind of 'recommended blogs' page. Hmmm.

SteveShark said...

Many thanks - dead chuffed to be on the blogroll of a blog I enjoy reading very much