Monday 16 November 2009

I Believe The Children Are Our Future...

There's a lot of development going on in Thamesmead:
The Trust Thamesmead project, to be funded through a £5m grant from the government’s myplace programme, will transform the arches underneath the Harrow Manorway flyover into a series of facilities for young people.

Interconnected pods will provide updated and expanded facilities for existing activities such as the Archway Project a motorbike scheme for young people, the cAve indoor climbing centre, the YMCA Sailing Project and Thamesmead Gym.

To this will be added the Thamesmead Youth Awareness Project which will include a recording studio and digital music suite, a performance space with 180 seats and a retractable stage and a reception area with cafe and offices and meeting room for use by other local groups.
My, what a lot of effort and thought has gone into this.
Members of Bexley’s planning committee welcomed the project.

Councillor Cheryl Bacon said: “The zone will provide much needed facilities and diversions for young people ...
Diversions...? From what?
...which will be much more wholesome than what happens under some of the arches now.”
What happens, Cheryl?


Well, we'll have to see if this produces well-behaved, non-criminal youths, or if it just ensures Thamesmead has the fittest and most able to escape (via motorbike or wall scaling) criminals in the whole of London.

Still, they'll be able to sing and dance a bit, so the local youth production of 'West Side Story' will be drastically improved, I'm sure...

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