Saturday 21 November 2009

Can We Hope That 'Indefinitely' Means 'Forever'?

A boy who drove a stolen car into a pedestrian just hours after he was released from a youth detention centre has been jailed indefinitely.
The pedestrian was killed.
Asa Hunter, 16, was at the wheel of the car that killed Thomas Drane, 61, on Mount Road, Gorton, Manchester. His body was recovered 37m (121ft) away.
And this wasn't just a single offence either - this kid was an accident waiting to happen:
The jury was told he had 19 convictions for 49 offences, committed since 2005.
So he's a habitual criminal, and has been since birth, I'd suspect. Certainly, killing someone didn't put a crimp in his style:
In another incident three weeks later, the defendant, then 15, drove into a group of youths, badly injuring two of them, the court was told.
And the sentence?
Judge Anthony James Hammond jailed him indefinitely, describing him as a danger to the public.
I suspect that danger was apparent long, long before he racked up his 10th conviction. Why was he allowed out to commit another 9?

But don't think that 'indefinitely' actually means something:
He must serve at least three years before being considered for parole and banned for applying for a driving licence for five years.
Jesus wept..!


MTG said...

Now where in the world would we find a Judge so heartless to deprive an angelic boy of a Xmas twocking this year?

JuliaM said...


banned said...

Many years ago my neighbours reared a youth like this; he never did me any harm and I asked him once how many of his vast number of crimes did he actually get convicted of ? He guestimated about 1 in a hundred so lets assume one in fifty, or 2%.
That means this twat has possibly committed 2,500 crimes rather than the 49 as reported.