Wednesday 11 November 2009


No, not a film review of the latest teen-flick (god, those werewolves look stupid!), but something I noted in this news item about a sad accident:
In a statement, the Western Education and Library Board's Chief Executive Barry Mulholland said he wished to extend his deep and sincere sympathy, on behalf of board members and staff, to the Harron family.

"Sympathies are also extended to the staff and pupils of Edwards Primary School," the statement said.

"The board's critical incident response team has been deployed to offer support to pupils and staff at Edwards Primary School at what will be a very difficult time for the school, families and the local community."
What happened to the British 'stiff upper lip'*?

And will our new generation, raised in this way, be anything like our old generation? You know, I bet they won't.

*Yes, I know, Norn Iron, but still...

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