Tuesday 11 October 2011

They’re Like Buses!

You wait ages, then two come along at once:
Neighbourhood team leader for St Austell police, Paul Jones, said officers received a report from a female in the early hours of Saturday, September 24, claiming that she had been attacked and raped by a stranger.
Two detective constables worked on the case because they were not happy with what they were being told.
They then found out that the female had made the story up.
So, does she get the equivalent prison sentence that a rapist would get?

Why, no. She doesn’t even get a criminal record:
She was issued with an £80 fixed penalty fine for wasting police time.


Ian B said...

Always leaves you wondering as to why she did so.

Gas Mark 3 said...

No comment other than the usual despair at people, but I couldn't let this WV go: ovensick

JuliaM said...

Sometimes, there are no reasons. At least, no reasons any normal human being recognises...

UK Fred said...

Perthaps, Julia, your suggestion that a malicious accuser get the same sentence the accused would get if they were to be found guilty should be more widely applied, to all lying witnesses in any criminal proceedings.

JuliaM said...

It would certainly bring it home, wouldn't it?