Saturday 29 October 2011

Oh, For Fox Sake!

A five-year-old boy woke screaming in terror when a fox got into his bedroom, only streets from where two babies were mauled in their cots last year.
This child wasn’t ‘mauled’, not that the screaming headlines don’t lead you to believe that…
Mrs Rook, a headteacher at Lawdale Junior School, said the animal crept into Marius's bedroom on the third floor of her Victoria Park Road home in the early hours last week.

Mrs Rook rushed to her son when she heard him crying and complaining about a pain in his ear.

She said: "I thought he had just had a bad dream but then the fox started across the bedroom."
And how did it get in, all the way up to the third floor? Well, blame that far more invasive urban nuisance...
It is believed the fox got in after burglars broke into the family home and left a window open after making off with thousands of pounds of goods.
And she's not worried about that? Maybe the fox was the burglar?!?
Mrs Rook said police used a noose to drag the animal into their garden, and let it go.

She said: "It is very scary to think what it was trying to do," adding she wanted the fox to be killed.
And what about the burglar? Personally, I'd rather see them taking the Big Sleep!
Councillor Feryal Demirci, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said: "We understand that this must have been distressing for the family and that some residents are concerned. But all the expert advice we have suggests that incidents involving foxes are incredibly rare."
Well, quite. Unlike, say, burglary.
A Met Police spokesman said they had received no reports of a fox attack.
So the officers who noosed it and set it free didn’t report it? Or were they not actually police at all?


Captain Haddock said...

"Marius" .. FFS ?

Poor little bugger ...

Lord T said...

Propable not reported as afox attac because, well errr..., the fox didn't attack anyone.

The official record will be wild animal in house. Officers removed animal from house.

As a footnote. They said something about a burglar. If they went so panicky about a wild animal send a therapist along with their crime number.

Hexe Froschbein said...

It's more important to worry about a burglary than a child??? ayt?

Anyway, that's two foxes in one year, HUNTING inside a house, ending up in a kid's room in the _same_ area.

Interesting coincidence, could be someone teaching them habits they should not acquire, or, foxes passing on knowledge to their young. Of course, it could have been the same fox too.

Personally, I think we should go for boars instead of foxes as communal town pets. They stink less and are far tastier.

JuliaM said...

"Poor little bugger ..."

Gives you a good idea of what the areas's like, doesn't it?

"If they went so panicky about a wild animal send a therapist along with their crime number."


"Anyway, that's two foxes in one year, HUNTING inside a house..."

I think it is indeed possible that they were looking for food, but 'hunting' to most urban foxes means scavenging discarded pizza boxes.

"They stink less and are far tastier."

But make a bit more of a mess of your car when you hit one...