Friday 28 October 2011

The Unelected Judiciary…

The man who slashed the throat of a policeman had been released on licence halfway through a prison sentence despite being one of Britain's most dangerous criminals.
I know, I was astonished too…
He had been released from jail 11 months earlier after serving half of a two-year sentence for causing death by dangerous driving.
Onyenaychi, of Stratford, has a criminal record for violence dating back to the age of 12, often stabbing and slashing his victims and even attacking prison officers in the middle of being sentenced.
His contempt for the justice system was total (and of course, pandered to, where the US courts would have had him shackled and dragged into the dock):
The dock was empty as the verdicts were returned as Onyenaychi refused to leave the cells, as he had done throughout the trial.
And despite this, the ConDem’s criminal advocate is shrugging his shoulders and admitting there’s not much he can do, see, because those judges, they just don’t respect his authority:
Justice Secretary Ken Clarke today claimed that judges would scupper any attempt by MPs to impose a mandatory prison term for juveniles who use knives.
Well, Ken, why try and fail, when you can just not try at all, eh?
But as he warned against moving towards American style sentencing, Mr Clarke warned that judges would "find a way" to get round any rules that MPs imposed.

He cited the example of the existing law requiring a minimum five-year term for those caught with a firearm, claiming that the sentence was often not imposed, despite the will of Parliament, because such legislation often contained a "proviso" that allowed judges to hand out a lighter penalty.
So make sure there’s no proviso. Or is that too much like hard work/likely to get thrown out by our EU masters*?

* Delete as applicable


Captain Haddock said...

And no doubt this vicious animal will re-offend ..

Bobo said...

...but that's a small price to pay for living in such a vibrant and diverse society, surely?

Say no to enrichment said...

Can someone get him a job at the Guardian ?

SBC said...

1985 I was 17ish and already a radical student/squatter/wastrel/criminal and on the verges of several of what we would now call 'terrorist' groups.

I remember the wave of absolute revulsion that swept through the country at the murder of PC Blakelock. Even among hardend armed robebrs, even among my hard core-vegan- trotskyite bomblaying peers.

Compare that to nowadays...I hadn't even heard of this particular knifing. Maybe if the copper had died....?

They sing songs about the 'folk hero' Raoul Moat I'm told.

The Gadgetistas need to realise that the general indifference to the news that a copper has been murdered is symptomatic of the lack of regard they are held in.


Anonymous said...

My favorite politician strikes again-cuddly Ken!
As for SBC's comment-I suppose I count as a Gadgetista (Melvins made up expression)-murders are so common now that most only make the news if there's a twist.EG attractive blond female,someone famous,child death,inter-racial killing.Sign of the times.

SBC said...

"I suppose I count as a Gadgetista"

Actually no, the fact you post here, discuss and inform would indicate that you aren't.

"(Melvins made up expression)"

Is it?

And yes your point about the modern attitude to all murders isn't wrong but I would argue that it's crasser in the case of policemen murdered.

SBC said...

Two names: Beshenivsky, Fletcher.

Yes there was some nationwide revulsion at the murder of Beshenivsky but, hand on heart, how many people here could still remember her name...let alone how to spell it...? I had to google too.

How many people
remember the name of the copper blinded by Moat? Sure, if they think about it...maybe.

MTG said...

"As for SBC's comment-I suppose I count as a Gadgetista (Melvins made up expression)..."

'Gadgetista' was coined by SBC and I have politely acknowledged that fact on occasions I have borrowed the apt expression.

MTG said...


Please note a usurpant era of Gadgetista fiction writer, composing statements from the relative safety of a canteen commode with optional colon wash.

Anonymous said...

SBC-sorry for not giving you the credit you deserve.
MTG-please explain what on earth your last post was meant to mean.In your normal life do you speak like that?Your visits to the supermarket must take all day!

JuliaM said...

"Compare that to nowadays...I hadn't even heard of this particular knifing."

I remember it coming in on Twitter, and having a bet with myself that it would turn out to be a 'care in the community' case. I lost.