Monday 17 October 2011

There Are Better Ways To ‘Not Set Out To Injure People’…

Just for a change, let’s have the story backwards:
Kannan Siva, defending, said his client was a troubled young man who was making continued efforts to be a better man and who had pleaded guilty to affray straight away.

"He did not set out to injure this man," Mr Siva said.
And just how did he ‘not set out to injure the man’?
A teenager with a vendetta against a doorman who threw him out of a club pulled a hammer on him in a busy shopping centre.
Ah. Right. That’ll do it, every time…
"At 5pm the complainant had finished work and was walking through the sovereign shopping centre," Mr Humphries told the court.

"The defendant got in his face and said 'Let's do it now'.

"The complainant pushed Hood away and he landed on the floor.

"The defendant got up and swung at him and there was a fight with a lot of shouting.

"The defendant was trying to walk away from the situation but the defendant pulled a hammer out of a black rucksack.
Still, first offence, maybe?
Bristol Crown Court heard that Hood had a previous conviction which involved using a hammer to frighten another young man.

And one conviction for assault causing actual bodily harm when he head-butted a player who tackled him during a game of football.


Anonymous said...

It always make me chuckle when the criminal expects to get credit for pleading guilty straight away.In this case I would imagine the shopping centre was covered in CCTV and there were plenty of witnesses.What choice did he have?
They should only get credit in cases where it isn't bleedin obvious what's happened.

JuliaM said...

I wouldn't give them ANY credit for pleading guilty.