Wednesday 19 October 2011

Driving Miss Daisy Caroline

A 76-year-old gran who led police on the slowest-ever car chase on the A12 is appealing against her driving ban.
I thought pensioners were all hard up?
Caroline Turner’s legal fight is being funded by sales of a game, designed by a friend, that challenges players to get round the board without being disqualified from driving.!
She said: “I feel totally demoralised. The sentence was harsh and unjust.”
Ummm, no. Not really. You could have killed someone. Possibly even yourself.
Friend and game creator Andrew Tucker is helping her with legal fees by donating £2.50 from each sale of Disqualified.

He said: “She has spoken to solicitors to see what can be done.

I accept she did make an error and so does she.

“But the way they dealt with it was far too strong for an old lady who was visibly frail.”
She might have been 'visibly frail', but the near-tonne of steel and carbon-fibre she was driving wasn't, was it?

And no, running alongside the car wasn't 'far too strong'; in fact, she was treated with (comparative) kid gloves.

They could have done much, much more.


Lynne said...

You wanna try living where I do. The wizened spider monkeys and their Nissan Micras (or similar) move in bastard shopping convoys, travelling at half the speed limit along the winding country roads. No one can get around them and the tailbacks can be horrendous, especially during rush hour as people commute to and from work work.

So I'm looking at some righteous payback here...

Angry Exile said...

A game? Wow, can't wait for the electronic version - Grand Theft Temazepam.

Anonymous said...

Mr Whatley does have previous, last time it was assault and abusive language and failing to...........

Anonymous said...

...travelling at half the speed limit along the winding country roads.

Perhaps the appropriate speed for winding country roads IS half the (national) speed limit..?

JuliaM said...

"So I'm looking at some righteous payback here..."

Oh, indeed!

"A game? Wow, can't wait for the electronic version - Grand Theft Temazepam."


"Mr Whatley does have previous.."

And now, so does this lady.

SBC said...

"drove at between 10mph and 20mph from Thorpe, where she went around a roundabout the wrong way,"

Living in Norfuck I know all about 70+ year olds with driving licences but this case does seem a little harsh. Some roundabouts are sooo confusing that I'll admit that I've fucked up on several occasions....most of us have.

I'm guessing the PC who pulled her over got the the very distinct impression that she should no longer be behind the wheel because I know from own experience that nine times out of ten the traffic cops will simply let one off with a warning/helpful advice....unless you're 17 or 70+.

"Grand Theft Temazepam."

Fuck you AE, I've just snorked up my first, and VITAL, cup of coffee of the day :P

Angry Exile said...

My work here is done. :->

Anonymous said...

Where's the comments saying "lucky she wasn't tazered to death" "pushed out of her wheelchair" "shot using the underground".Come on Melvins gang don't let me down.

SBC said...

"Come on Melvins gang don't let me down."-Jade

Whysies? The traffic laws, their enforcement by the police (when it still occurs) and the police 'procedures' on enforcing them do TEND by their very nature, by and large, to be logical and even 'fair'.

There have to be strict traffic laws and a way of driving set in stone (Highway Code).

I'd guess that a lot of people feel that the major problem re the police and traffic laws is that there aren't enough cops on the road enforcing and, of course, the whole 'Highway Robbery' aspect of the speeding limit.

Here in Norfuck we have a major problem with people not clearing the way for blue lights and personally I'd like to see more cops policing that but there just isn't the man power.

But put simply Traffic Cops (or any copper enforcing traffic laws) save lives. No argument there from anyone with any brain.

/rambling rant

Anonymous said...

Blimey SBC, I didn't expect that! I will apply for traffic now and leap up in your estimation.

SBC said...

"I will apply for traffic now and leap up in your estimation."

If the police policed the Anti-Terror Laws the way they police the Traffic Laws then there'd be a lot less problems.

"Evening Sir, I've pulled you over because it looks like the wheels are coming off your Ford Jihad and one of your taliban lights is out"

If a traffic cop pulls you over then 99 times outta 100 it's justified by the evidence/your actions and not by the policey man having to fill some quote or on grounds of political correctness.

Anonymous said...

Ironically traffic are often not that popular with their colleagues!