Friday 14 October 2011

Is It ‘Cos I Is A Woman?

A woman claims she was singled out for being female by a wheel clamper who demanded £180 to free her car from a plot behind a busy Ferndown shopping area.
Oh, really? How did he do that, then?

Did he ignore all the illegally-parked cars with a copy of ‘Fiesta’ on the dashboard, zeroing in instead on those with a chick-lit novel on the passenger seat and the rear-view mirror positioned to put lipstick on rather than to see out the back?
Amanda White, 41, parked on an area behind Lloyds TSB in Victoria Road. When she returned two minutes later, her car was clamped. “I’ve been parking there for 25 years and thought the bays were for the bank,” she said.

“Eventually, the clamper agreed to accept £100 and my car was released. During this time, he told two men to move on or they’d be clamped.

Why didn’t he say that to me?”

God, women like this make me want to throw up!


SBC said...

In further news today, Mrs Amanda White, 41, was awarded this weeks coverted SBC's " Woman Most Likely To Die From Domestic Violence This Week" award.

Antisthenes said...

Perhaps clamping of the mouth should be introduced for anyone using said orifice before engaging brain. The silence would be deafening.

Lynne said...

What really bothers me is that this dizzy bitch apparently has a driving licence. I can all too easily imagine this scenario:

"Well officer, before I drove through that red light, something I've been doing for twenty five years, it was green..."

Woman on a Raft said...

Geoffrey Wensum's biography of Levi Belfield touches - very carefully - on the links between 'security' firms and erm, some members of the community. Belfield took so long to catch because he has a great many people shielding him informally. The police had to deal with someone exceptionally manipulative and a code of omerta.

Oh hang it. Security firms illustrate the difficulties of libertarian policies in practice.

Private firms can do security but the area offers unusual opportunities for malpractice which, in Belfield's case included sexual exploitation and murder.

There is nothing incredible in the idea that a clamper might have targetted a particular mark - that is standard practice.

Faced with a hand-altered form and a bloke demanding £180, I'd have walked carefully away from the car park and called the police. This will give them a chance to establish if this was an authorized agent or somebody trying it on.

One thing we could do is require landlords to prominently display their own registered company numbers and contacts - not an agent. They are entitled to protect their property but they must be accountable for the people they use to do it.

Lynne said...

Hmmmmm. According to the lady's arithmatic she's been driving a vehicle on the public highway since she was sixteen.

That can't be right...

Just as well exaggeration isn't a criminal offence. Or telling porkies to avoid paying a clamping fine for parking on private property.

Lynne said...

A vehicle defined as a car that is.

Budvar said...

I have no doubt that clampers are selective in their targets. I seriously doubt they ever clamp Transit pick ups full to the brim with old washing machines, lead off the church roof and a stihl saw with a brand new steel cutting blade sat on the passenger seat....

Captain Haddock said...

"Is It ‘Cos I Is A Woman?"

NO .. Its 'cos you is Bone !

David Gillies said...

WOAR raises (in her usual perspicacious fashion) one of the chief stumbling blocks I would have if my ideal form of government were to be enacted. How do you deal with tossers? I'm all for enforcement of property law, so in theory clamping people for parking where they shouldn't is perfectly pukka. So why in practise does one get the urge to stab every grimy little turd involved in the game right through the fucking eyeball with a screwdriver?

JuliaM said...

"...this weeks coverted SBC's " Woman Most Likely To Die From Domestic Violence This Week" award."

If I was on the jury, he'd get off!

"Perhaps clamping of the mouth should be introduced..."

Good idea!

"I can all too easily imagine this scenario..."


"...the links between 'security' firms and erm, some members of the community. "

Oh, I'm sure some unscrupulous members of this 'profession' do, and as David Gillies points out, they're hard to love even when in the right, but we've no indication that this is the case here.