Saturday, 19 November 2011

Businesswomen, Or Maiden Aunts,..?

A lap dancing club has been criticised after two girls promoting the venue gatecrashed a business awards evening.

Two dancers from the Spearmint Rhino club, in Leicester city centre, handed out flyers to bemused guests after gaining access to the event, held at Leicester City's King Power Stadium on Thursday.
It seems they were invited in by some of the attendees. But oh, my word, the fuss that caused!
Organisers of the Leicestershire Property and Construction (ProCon) Awards said it was "despicable" the girls had used the private dinner to promote the lap dancing venue.
Strangely, those organisers who were prepared to speak about this were - assuming from the names - both female:
Event organiser Allyson Jeffrey said: "They might have been standing outside and a couple of drunken guests said 'come on in', but this is just not on and I'm really annoyed. They were not invited and gatecrashed the event.

"It is one of the biggest business events in Leicestershire and has a reputation to maintain.

"People pay a lot of money to be associated with it and attend. I'm concerned that some people may have thought this had been officially organised.

"There would have been people in the room who would have been offended by it.

"We had mixed ages and religions there, as well as a number of women. It's not the image we want to convey."
Oh, good grief!
Pam Allardice, chair of Leicestershire ProCon, the organisation behind the annual awards, said: "They were not invited in by anyone at ProCon nor was their presence sanctioned.

"Even if they were invited in by two guests, it was a ticket-only event and only people holding tickets should have been allowed in.

"They had no right to do that and I think it's quite despicable that they seemed to have preyed on people whose defences were lowered while having a good time."
I don't hear any complaints from the men....


A salt and battered said...

A refusal by female ProCon directors to keep members abreast of information on a broad variety of topics, is provocatively strict.

Demetrius said...

Perhaps the girls should have done a lap of honour around the pitch?

Round the Pole said...

I like that part of the outrage was that there were people of other religions there. I mean, it's not like some of those 'faithful' have ever had those sort of naughty thoughts, right?

Captain Haddock said...

I'll bet next months pension money that both females who're whingeing are as ugly as robber's dogs too ..

Pat said...

"preyed on people"????????????????

Anonymous said...

You dont get it do you.
They were not invited. They felt that because they were young females they could do what they want.
And the" men didn't complain" and what does that prove.
Next you will condone strippers at funerals.

Anonymous said...

"Next you will condone strippers at funerals."

When I pop off I am now definitely going to have a couple of strippers dressed as nuns to liven things up a bit.

JuliaM said...

"I like that part of the outrage was that there were people of other religions there."

Yup, the Professionally Offended, doing as their name suggests on others' behalf. As usual.

""preyed on people"????????????????

As Capt Haddock points out,. I think that might be code for 'And they had nicer legs then me. Bitches!' from our would-be captainesses of business...

"Next you will condone strippers at funerals."


Actually, why not? It'd liven up some funerals immensely!