Monday, 21 November 2011

The Comments Section – Vital To Local Newspapers?

A schoolboy was left permanently disfigured after being attacked by vicious Staffordshire Bull Terriers - but nothing can be done because of a legal technicality.
Kane Thomas, 12, was attacked at a block of flats in Eastney Street, Greenwich, leaving him with horrific injuries to his leg.

But, to his family’s shock, on the very day the dogs’ owner was due to be tried last week the case collapsed.

Outrageously, because the tower block where this attack happened had a lock on the front door, it cannot be classified as a public place, meaning no charge can be brought under the Dangerous Dogs Act.
Shock! Horror! Dangerous dog! Lazy and incompetent CPS! Innocent injured kiddiewink!

But wait, there’s more…
cjohnsonse10 says...

I am sorry News Shopper but you really need to check your facts.

I am a resident in Eastney St, I know of the boy in question and he lives here - he was not visiting.

I am not condoning a dog biting anyone at all. I have no affiliation with any of the parties involved but you at least need to understand the context.

For example, did you ask what he was doing on the landing where this happened in the first place?

If you had, you would have learnt that his 'aunt' lives on the ground floor, this happened on the other side of the building on the first floor. He had no business being there.

Did he tell you he was running up and down the landing with his friends being anti-social at the time?

And as for saying he is afraid of the playground or now going out, this is ludicrous. You only need visit the area most evenings to find him and his friends playing havoc till very late into the night.

So much so, that his group is known to both the local authority and the Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team.

This is basic fact checking News Shopper. I have come to expect better.

Thank you.
Very interesting!

It doesn’t entirely mitigate the attack, but it does cast some more light on it.


Captain Haddock said...

Like they say Julia ..

Never let the truth get in the way of a story ..

In this case, I agree with the CPS decision (and its not often that I do) .. At least no public funds will be now wasted on this unruly little chav ..

Shaun Pilkington said...

Good doggy?

Locks and fangs said...

My mother's flat (albeit in a small block of six) had a lock on the front door, but if any of the residents inadvertently left it open the local scumlets would be in quick, trying doors to see if they could pinch anything.

Or in some cases peeing up the stairwell for fun and entertainment.

Mind you, dogs weren't allowed in those flats, unless you were a resident who kept one and didn't tell the council...

SBC said...

"Kane Thomas"

One feels that Thomas should have been...frequently. Might have kept him out of trouble and getting mauled.

...and its spelt with a 'C' in English.

Anonymous said...

The News Shopper is a great source of these stories Julia as i've noticed you using them more and more often (even commenting on them yourself).
The best ones are when a young chavlet gets sentenced and all his/her mates get on their supporting him/her with hilariously bad English and spelling.Once that is pointed out then the threats start-innit bro?

JuliaM said...

"Good doggy?"


"One feels that Thomas should have been...frequently. "

Heh! ;)

"The best ones are when a young chavlet gets sentenced and all his/her mates get on their supporting him/her with hilariously bad English and spelling."

Oh, indeed! Happens quite a bit in the 'Echo'...